Boon, Daniel - Execution - Gundagai Times

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Boon, Daniel - Execution - Gundagai Times


News article in the Gundagai Times, dated 2 July 1876, relating to the execution of Daniel Boon for murder.


The Gundagai Times




Jenny Hodges

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WAGGA WAGGA . – Thursday.
Daniel Boon was hanged yesterday for the murder of Alexandera McMullen. He met his fate composedly; he bade farewell to his friends before ascending the fatal ladder, and in a few moments the last dread sentence of the law was carried into effect; he died instantly.
On Saturday last Boon was admitted into the Roman Catholic Church, and has been attended ever since by the Rev. Dr. Bermingham. On Tuesday he bade farewell for the last time to his unfortunate wife and children.
Boon’s funeral was largely attended, and a strong feeling exists in Wagga as such an exhibition.