Boon, Daniel - article in Gundagai Times

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Boon, Daniel - article in Gundagai Times


News article, 30 June 1876, regarding to the case of Daniel Boon, charged with murder.


Gundagai Times




Jenny Hodges

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With reference to Daniel Boon’s case, the ‘Wagga Wagga Advertiser’ says: - On Friday evening Mr Leary saw Mr Robertson, who said he had never known a case where a recommendation of a jury to mercy had not been observed by the Executive in sparing the life of a prisoner. This led Mr Leary to believe that Boon’s life would be spared, but the decision of the Executive is now uncertain as the recommendation of the jury appeared to be founded on the fact that Boon was drunk when the offence was committed. Owing to the illness of the Minister of Justice, no meeting of the Executive took place on Friday. It will be seen by our telegraph news that Boon has since been ordered for execution by the Executive. – Ed. G.T