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  • Collection: Stories about descendants of Mary Wade

William Charles Hume Babington was born in March 1870 in the home of his parents, Daniel and Ellen Buckley (nee Sherry) in Townsend Street, Albury. In later years William adopted his step-grandfather’s name of Babington. Babington is the name he…


Jennie Entel was born on her parent's farm at Lacrosse, Washington, U.S.A. in the year of 1893. Her parents were, John and Adeline Entel. Her father, John Entel, was a tyrant of a man, he had stolen his seven young children from his wife Adeline and…


Jeff Robinson describes his interest in Mary Wade, and how he brought together a renewed Mary Wade Family History Association to continue the work of bringing together descendants of Mary.

In April 1984 my brother Brian Griffin attended the Muster of the descendants of Mary Wade, held in Campbelltown, NSW. Over 400 people came to hear the story of their remarkable ancestor and her family! A few years later, when Brian came to visit me…
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