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Official party Commissioning Ceremony.jpg
from L to R: Bob Stevens (MWFHA), Reverend Rod Moore (Chaplain), The Hon. David Elliott MP (Minister for Counter Terrorism, Minister for Corrections and Minister for Veterans Affairs), Peter Severin (Commissioner, Corrective Services NSW), Andrew…

Location of Settlement Point Reserve.PNG
Be part of the first Mary Wade family reunion since the launch of 'Mary Wade to Us' in 1986.

If you would like more information, then please email

Westmoreland, Charles death notice.jpg
Charles Westmoreland's death notice - father of Annie Crowston Ray (nee Westmoreland)


Ray, Walter John.jpg
Walter John Ray (born 1870)
refer to the death notice for more information


Ray, Walter John death notice.jpg
Walter John Ray's death notice 1920


Ray, Robert John b 1843.jpg
Robert John Ray (born 1843)


Ray, Kenneth Robert.jpg
Kenneth Robert Ray son of Francis Robert Ray

Ray, Francis Robert.jpg
Francis Robert Ray born 1873

Ray, Francis Robert 3.jpg
Francis Robert Ray military service in WW1 from January 1917 to October 1917


Ray, Francis Robert 2.jpg
Francis Robert Ray son of Robert John Ray


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