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Brigadier V.C. Griffin

Subtlety is not an accepted characteristic of the Indian or Gurkha soldier but during my service with the 10th Gurkha Rifles I witnessed an incident which might disprove this theory.

In the early…

A search of the family tree shows the following descendants of Mary Wade died during wars:

Bonnell, John Maxwell died on 21 April 1943 in Papua New Guinea during WW2
Boon, George Richard died in 2 January 1917 in France during WWI
Cooper, Henry…

Bonnell, John Maxwell (KIA) military records
Service Number - VX122008
Date of birth - 25 November 1923
Place of enlistment - Foster, Victoria

Our sacrifice, at home and abroad

Sydney Morning Herald
April 25, 2007
The story was powerful enough: a tale of a mother's love and her son's courage in war. But much more is now known about the family behind Australia's first World War II…

Clipping from the &#039;Border Mail&#039; Anzac Day 2007.<br />
Interview with Bill Babington and his mate, Jack Bates.<br />
And clipping from ‘The Chronicle’  also on Anzac Day in the late 1990’s
Bill Babington and Jack Bates were great mates. They both went to the Morven Public school together and every Anzac day Jack travelled down to Culcairn to march with his old mate Bill. Jack died in 2009 at Canberra.
Bill Babington fought at Tobruk…

My name is Bill Babington, army number VX42207.
We were playing rugby in Morven, N.S.W. the day that war was declared, it was that same Sunday that four team mates and a spectator decided to join. Eric and Trot McKinley, Mervyn Brown, Jack Bates and…




20th Battalion A. I. F.

No of rifle 21003

Bayonet 28604

Rifle 51788

Private M W Harrigan 3814

Dorrigo, NSW Australia

3 January 1916 Monday
Left Dorrigo for a tour…