Photographs - Holder, Hodges and Babington

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Photographs - Holder, Hodges and Babington


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Holder, Henry and Eliza
Henry Charles Holder, born 28th November 1858, Wagga Wagga.
Eliza Ann Hannam born 1st December 1863 at Swampy Plains, now Lake Albert.
Henry and Eliza were married at St. Johns Wagga Wagga on 26th October 1881.

Holder family in 1913
Photo taken at Morven in the year of 1913, the Holder family are standing in front of their block of land. From left- Ernest, Ivy, Henry, Eliza, Dick, Mabel, Brudge, Rose, Charles and Beau Holder

Burgen, Mabel Vera nee Holder
Mabel Vera Burgen nee Holder, she is sitting in her front garden at Morven. Mabel was born on the 5th June 1901 at Gregadoo.

Brown, Mary Ellen nee Babington; Mary Bradshaw nee Holder; Judy Brown nee Babington
From left: Mary Ellen Brown nee Babington born 9th November 1912 at Culcairn; Centre - Mary Ann Ada Babington-Bradshaw nee Holder born 12th July 1889 at Gregadoo. Noreen Doris (Judy) Brown nee Babington born 26th December 1914.

Holder, Reuben & Jennie
Reuben John (Brudge) Holder born 18th April 1884 at Gregadoo.
Jennie Holder nee Entel born 1893 at Lacrosse, Washington, U.S.A.
In the front of their home in South Street, Henty

Babington, Valerie nee Robinson & Jennie Holder nee Entel
Valerie (Val) Babington nee Robinson, born 25th August 1927 at Albury. Val married William (Bill) Babington in 1947 in Melbourne. Val died in Culcairn hospital on 23rd August 2007, just two days short of her 80th birthday.
Jennie Holder nee Entel.…

Babington, William (Bill)
William Hume Babington was born on the 8th June 1917 at Culcairn Hospital. Bill married Valerie (Val) Robinson in 1947 at Melbourne. Bill is standing beside the first car he had owned, he bought this car after he came out of the Army in 1945. Photo…

Holder, Henry Charles
Henry Charles Holder, born 28th November 1858 at Wagga Wagga. Henry died in 1939 aged 81 years. He is buried in the Culcairn Cemetery.

Holder, Ernest Henry
Ernest Henry Holder (Ernie), born on 22nd April 1882, Ernest died at Tumbarumba in 1959, he was 77 years old.

Hodges, Reuben Money
Reuben Money Hodges, born 8th February 1888 at Kyamba. Reuben married Rose Edith Holder on 16th July 1917 at St. Paul’s at Holbrook. Reuben died in 1942, he was 54 years old.
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