Who Was Mary Wade?

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Who Was Mary Wade?


An examination of Mary Wade, the young convict girl who was sentenced to death and subsequently became the GGGG-grandmother of tens of thousands of Australians.

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Most people who read this introduction to the story of Mary Wade will have one main interest in common. They will be descendants of Mary Wade, or at least be a close relative of someone who is.

They will most likely have heard their own family…

When Mary Wade was born in London in the late seventeen seventies none would have envisaged that this babe would become the founding mother of a large family group which, today counts Mary’s living descendants in thousands. This child was…

I know nothing of what Mary looked like, but that ten-year old girl was a survivor. Both physically and mentally she must have been strong to live through all the horrors she surmounted. With a death sentence on her head, and separated from her…

Mary Wade's trial at the Old Bailey

MARY WADE and JANE WHITING were indicted for feloniously assaulting Mary Phillips , on the King's highway, on the 5th of October , and putting her in fear, and feloniously taking from her person, and against her will, one cotton frock, value 3 s. one…

Mary Wade is 'pardoned' to transportation

The following Prisoners accepted the conditions mentioned in his Majesty's pardon, viz.

To be transported during the term of their lives.

Lidia Jones ; Elizabeth Shakespeare ; Esther Thornton ; Catherine Heyland ; Ann Steel ; Elizabeth Smith ;…